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Are Nu Yuu essential oils food grade?

A very common question that we get is whether our Nu Yuu essential oils are "food grade". This is a very interesting question, that in order to answer, requires us to discuss how the essential oil business is viewed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and what "food grade" really means when used by many essential oil sellers.

Most, if not all, essential oil products are distributed via a classification through the FDA called supplements. In fact, we have never come across a company that distributes essential oils that is not distributing them via the FDA supplements classification. Additionally, most "natural" remedies are distributed via the FDA supplements classification. The supplements classification with the FDA is a very low regulation category and as such the FDA does little to no regulatory activity on products that are distributed through this classification. The areas the FDA does take issue with items being distributed through the supplements classification is ensuring that all materials used in the production of the item to be sold are known to be safe and that the company distributing the supplement does not make excessive claims about the benefits of the supplement. The net effect of distributing products via the FDA classification of supplements is that, by and large, the company self regulates the production and quality of the items it is selling.

With all of this said, most, if not all, companies that are claiming their essential oils are "food grade" are not going through any third-party verification or any additional quality steps compared to another company to get an official "food grade" qualification. They are simply deciding internally that this product is "food grade". While they make the claim they are "food grade" to try and convince customers that their oils are of a higher quality there is, many times, no actual difference between their product and another companies product who choose not to make a "food grade" claim.

Regarding Nu Yuu and the way we choose to market our essential oils, Nu yuu makes no specific recommendation regarding the ingestion of our oils. All Nu Yuu oils are 100% natural with no synthetic contents, so there is nothing in the oils to preclude them from consumption. However, the FDA does not regulate our oils, or any other oils that we are aware of on the market, as food items. Some Nu Yuu customers have reported positive effects related to consuming Nu Yuu essential oils, however Nu Yuu is unable to verify those reports and chooses to market its oils as an aromatherapy or topically related product. Additionally, it is always important to ensure that an essential oil you are considering to consume is generally consumable. Some types of essential oils are toxic and should never be consumed.