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What are all these different essential oil certifications?

Unfortunately, in some cases, some sellers of essential oils have resorted to disingenuous marketing tactics to try and separate their essential oils from the rest of the essential oils in the marketplace. Many have done this to try and create a perception that their significantly more expensive product is drastically different or higher quality than what many would say is a comparable, lower cost option.

One such tactic has been to create "certification" standards that only their products meet. The disingenuous part is that they created and control the certification. So when they tell you their product is, for example, "CTPG" and that guarantees you quality, they don't tend to tell you that they gave it the "CTPG" certification not a fully unbiased third party.

While this certification trick has been very successful in getting many to pay substantially more for essential oil products, we don't think in execution it is a transparent practice that is good for consumers. Due to this fact, Nu Yuu makes no special claims of certification. We guarantee that our products are 100% natural with no synthetic content. If you are not happy with a Nu Yuu product, contact us and we will help you return it for a full product refund.