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Why do prices vary so much among different essential oil offerings?

If you have looked to purchase essential oils and compared some of the many products available, you know that there exists massive price differences among the different companies that offer essential oil products for sell. We get the question of why this price difference exists fairly frequently. In order to understand this issue, you really need to understand the different players offering essential oils for sell in the marketplace and the business models they employ to distribute their products.

Many of the essential oils available on the market today are distributed via multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Companies like Young Living and Doterra follow an MLM business model to distribute (sell) their products. What is an MLM business model? It is a business model that relies on direct sells and distribution through a network of distributors who are highly paid to sell the product or sign additional people up to sell the product. Due to the extremely high commissions that these networks of distributors require, businesses that distribute their products via an MLM model require extremely high markups on their products. In many cases many multiple times the markup of a traditional distribution model. It has been reported to us that many MLM companies cannot even release a new product unless they can make a minimum of a 16X markup on the product. That means if their final cost on the item is $1.00, they need to sell it for a minimum $16.00 to be able to make money on the distribution of that product. One of the reasons Nu Yuu got into the essential oil business was to offer customers a better, more value conscience approach to offering essential oils. Our goal is to offer a high quality product at a value based price point.

While essential oil companies that utilize an MLM distribution model work very hard to justify their excessively high prices by trying to claim that their products are significantly higher quality than any other product available, many times when an actual unbiased comparison is made, customers are left paying more money for a comparable product because the expensive distribution model has to be funded.

Nu Yuu offers our 100% natural essential oils with no synthetic contents via a direct to customer, lean distribution model to ensure that you get a high quality product and a value based price. If for any reason you are not happy with your Nu Yuu product, you may contact us and we can help you go through the process to return the product and receive a 100% product refund.